2 Episodes

Alicia is legendary in the mixed fighting business. Cute, sexy, and amazing kicking abilities made her one of the best fighter of all-time. French Junior Champion of Karate, black-belt level, she's as beautiful as she's dangerous. Beware of the kicking machine !

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  • The Tale of the 65 Kicks

    Episode 1

    Alicia from girls-fighting is back in a thrilling 19min mixed fighting video ! Amazing amount of kicks, punches, elbows, scissors and submission holds performed by the legendary french karate junior champion ! Get ready for Alicia's wrath !

  • Inside FightinFlex

    Episode 2

    Alicia and Mark are warming up for a boxing clip. But Mark is a bit provocative, and Alicia decides to make him regret his words !

    We tried something a bit different here with realistic camera work, SFX and editing. With a fantastic Alicia kicking with grace and with her cute smile, in a super...