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Double Trouble - Part II


Up Next in Alicia

  • Double Trouble - Part I

    Two twin girls, versus two twin boys... Alicia and Celia are defying Mark and Mike into a brutal confrontation.
    Will vigilante Alicia become like her sadistic sister Celia and eliminate her enemies just for the fun, or will she deliver the bad guys to the police like she should ?

    First part of a...

  • Spicy Karate Dish

    Mark is happy : today Alicia invited him to a special evening. But he could be surprised : Alicia is a karate bleck belt and didn't forget how rude he was with her few years ago...

    Strong punishment incoming, with our karate hottie Alicia both in red dress and karate gi. High kicks will rain on ...

  • The Tale of the 65 Kicks

    Alicia from girls-fighting is back in a thrilling 19min mixed fighting video ! Amazing amount of kicks, punches, elbows, scissors and submission holds performed by the legendary french karate junior champion ! Get ready for Alicia's wrath !