10 Episodes

Kayla is fierce. Kayla is fearless. Kayla can be your most beloved dream, or your worst nightmare !

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  • The Enraged Poem

    Episode 1

    Action mixed fighting clip featuring Kayla. What a beauty !

  • Kitty Plays With Her Prey

    Episode 2

    Action Movie Clip featuring Kayla as a sexy Catwoman ! Meow !
    Subtitles available : eng / spa / ita

    BUY single clip here : https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/37012/karategirls--action-movies-and-pov

  • Domestic VIOLENCE

    Episode 3

    Angry wife + kickboxing abilities = a lot of troubles !
    Mark should better book a room to the nearest hospital if he wants to make it !
    Featuring Kayla, with Lindsay as a teammate !

  • Elektrashed

    Episode 4

    Unfortunately for Elektra's enemies, she has superpowers that allows her to predict their moves. Entering her house is therefore not advised, especially when she sharps her knives !

    Awesome fighting skills by our mesmerizing Kayla in a sexy outfit, brutally punching and kicking her opponents w...

  • Cheeky Little Girl Executes Big Brother

    Episode 5

    Another hard day for Kayla's big brother. Will today be Mark's last one ?

    This time he dared to say she had been adopted and keeped teasing her all day long..
    This little girl will make him eat his words in a painful way !

    Thrilling fighting action in this clip, with a fantastic Kayla in ...

  • Painful Fairykicks

    Episode 6

    New Year's Eve is the perfect time to celebrate, even more with beautiful girls. And it's even better with party pills... isn't it Mark ?

    Great clip for you to enjoy with Kayla, Marie and Priscilia dressed as Disney Princesses, seriously kicking Mark's ass. What a wonderful tale !

  • Heaven or Hell - Part I : Blessed

    Episode 7

    Mark just loves to be violently hurted by beautiful girls. When Kayla tries to steal from him, he's not mad : maybe this hot babydoll will agree to bust his face... featuring a very sexy Kayla in leather dress, ready to fulfill Mark's wishes !

  • Heaven or Hell Part II : Doomed

    Episode 8

    Part I will be available soon !

    Mark took a serious beating by Kayla, but he's still madly in love with her. When Lindsay tries to rob him and enters the house, he's disappointed to see it's another girl. But Mark was far from guessing the terrible fate that Lindsay had in store for him !

  • The Necklace Conflict

    Episode 9

    Maybe one of the best movies we have ever made with our hot bombshell Kayla kicking male's asses in a sexy dress and barefooted.

    Kayla is furious towards her man Dylan and his friend. He bought her a necklace, and now he expects her to wash the dishes and clean the house ? Not for Kayla. She's...

  • The Necklace Conflict - Part II

    Episode 10

    Dylan is mad. He broke up with Kayla, and bought this stupid necklace for nothing. And it was pretty expensive ! Dylan decides to enter Kayla's house with his sidekick, and to get the necklace back. Another mistake made by Dylan, who's in deep trouble now !

    Fantastic action performed by our ge...