4 Episodes

Don't mess with our beautiful Lindsay ! This karate and soccer athletic girl would kick your teeth with ease !

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  • Angry Teacher Lindsay

    Episode 1

    Featuring Lindsay as a fierce teacher. Guess he'll learn faster now !

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  • Domestic VIOLENCE

    Episode 2

    Angry wife + kickboxing abilities = a lot of troubles !
    Mark should better book a room to the nearest hospital if he wants to make it !
    Featuring Kayla, with Lindsay as a teammate !

  • Sassy Schoolgirl Lindsay

    Episode 3

    Mark is a dedicated teacher.
    He likes when his students are paying attention.

    Unfortunately for him, Lindsay will give him a hard time and will teach him how to behave !

    Mark will be beaten, bruised and humiliated by this sassy little girl during this harsh beatdown. Guess he'll learn this...

  • Heaven or Hell Part II : Doomed

    Episode 4

    Part I will be available soon !

    Mark took a serious beating by Kayla, but he's still madly in love with her. When Lindsay tries to rob him and enters the house, he's disappointed to see it's another girl. But Mark was far from guessing the terrible fate that Lindsay had in store for him !