3 Episodes

Marie is our fitness expert, but she can kick on demand too! Check her videos !

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  • Have a Good Sweep !

    Episode 1

    Featuring Marie as a crazy chimney sweep (!) beating and wrestling her opponent.

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  • Painful Fairykicks

    Episode 2

    New Year's Eve is the perfect time to celebrate, even more with beautiful girls. And it's even better with party pills... isn't it Mark ?

    Great clip for you to enjoy with Kayla, Marie and Priscilia dressed as Disney Princesses, seriously kicking Mark's ass. What a wonderful tale !

  • Aïe, Robot

    Episode 3

    Mark is not happy. His house is dusty and needs cleaning. Luckily for him, Mark has bought an android named Marie to deal with drudgeries.
    Technology is great, until things start to malfunction : Mark will learn that all robots are not so easy to handle !