2 Episodes

Mina, the girl you don't want to mess with. Unless you want to get into troubles !

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  • Mina's Spirit

    Mina is Kayla's sister. She went nuts when she found out Kayla's boyfriend was cheating on her. Her plan : going to Mark's house pretending a car breakdown, and... improvise. But Mark is not one to let go !
    Meet our new beautiful and energetic girl Mina, all leather dressed and ready to kick some...

  • Snow White and the Evil Dwarf

    Mina would like one thing more than anything in the world : being trated as a Disney princess. When she asks her boyfriend a roleplay, he's not being serious about it. He constantly mocks her, but Mina is determined to get what she wants, at all costs !

    Funny fighting movie with Mina as a cute ...