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  • Work Day at FightinFlex

    20mins long sneak peak of a FightinFlex work day.

    Today Mark wants to bully Tony and asks Julie to perform submission moves on him.
    But Tony is not the kind of guy to forget, and will get his revenge later during their next movie shooting... asking Julie to hit Mark for real this time !

    With st...

  • Elyah Unpublished

    Contains 3 Movies

    1 - Action Movie n°1 : Elyah is sent to get sensitive information about a local criminal. She breaks in the property, manages to get what she wants... but is caught by Mark while doing so. He really should have let her go !

    2 - Beatdown Clip : Mark is a tough instructor. But ...

  • La "Diabolik" PUNCHEUSE - Part II

    Dylan is still alive. Somehow he managed to survive Kayla's wrath. Change of plans for our rising wrestling star : he's going to taste her speciality : heavy punches in the face ! She's not called Diabolik Puncheuse for nothing...

    Our first wrestling movie, with more punching action in this seco...

  • The Necklace Conflict - Part II

    Dylan is mad. He broke up with Kayla, and bought this stupid necklace for nothing. And it was pretty expensive ! Dylan decides to enter Kayla's house with his sidekick, and to get the necklace back. Another mistake made by Dylan, who's in deep trouble now !

    Fantastic action performed by our ge...

  • Tozani TV – Exclusive Footage

    Our reporter has disappeared, he was trying to get more information on a named Stephanie Sforza. But Stephanie is a lethal girl, guess what happened ? Featuring Leslie in boot kicking action !!

  • Harassment (Part 01)

    Harassment Part 02 / A Brutal Encounter / 8mins : Bad, bad idea to spy on the lovely but brutal and Leslie ! She is always disposed to fight, even in minishort or in her sexy minidress...

  • Harassment (Part 02)

    Harrassment Part 01 / A Doomed Victim / 8mins : And the beating continues ! Featuring the most deadliest Leslie ever !

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  • Antipathy for the Devil

    Antipathy for the Devil / 9mins : Lot of guys would love to be chased by this sexy devil... but no one would escape !

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  • Tozani Idol

    Tozani Idol : 9mins of Mandy showing she won't hurt only her victim ears !

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  • Lady and the Tramp

    Lady and the Tramp / 11mins : Entering Leslie's house is not a very good idea... This poor man probably didn't know our lethal high skilled karategirl Leslie, well he does now !

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  • Tozani's Birthday Special Clip

    Small clip, exclusive for streaming members

  • The Exorcist II – A Brutal Conclusion

    Time for our ghost specialist to discover the truth. He wish he never entered Leslie’s house… 07’01”

  • Tonight on Tozani TV – The Leslie Show

    Leslie had the idea to show her skills on her human punchingball… Until he decided to strike back. What a bad idea !

  • The Microfilm

    Steve wants to get the microfilm back, but Mandy kicks really, really hard…

  • The Microfilm III

    Now it’s time for the ultimate boss fighting. He will get severly punished.

  • The Microfilm II

    Interrogation scene. Warning, brutal action.

  • The Exorcist – An Annoying Ghost

    Leslie has troubles with a ghost, she decides to call a specialist. You’ll learn it’s a bad idea to haunt a kickboxer’s house…

  • The Bounty Hunter

    Morgane Jones is a famous bounty hunter. No need to say more, some thugs are gonna be hurt.

  • The Antisocial Network

    Morgane is a super hot and lethal bombshell. Her man wonders how does it feel to be beaten by a girl. No problem about that !

  • Stairway to Heaven

    Leslie, back from the dead, is going to take her revenge on her murderer… Warning, brutal confrontation !

  • Soccer Sucker

    A pathetic soccer fan will be destroyed by our beloved Morgane… enjoy !

  • Real Estate Beating

    A stupid real estate agent will be brutally handled in this movie by a strong karategirl.

  • Rugby Hits

    Mandy loves Rugby. Especially when it’s time to kick some penalties !

  • Meet your Idol

    Leslie is back to meet a fan, will our friend get what he wants ?