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Watch this video and more on FightinFlex Streaming (+70 movies !!)


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Double Trouble - Part I

Playlist • 12m

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  • Spicy Karate Dish

    Mark is happy : today Alicia invited him to a special evening. But he could be surprised : Alicia is a karate bleck belt and didn't forget how rude he was with her few years ago...

    Strong punishment incoming, with our karate hottie Alicia both in red dress and karate gi. High kicks will rain on ...

  • Work Day at FightinFlex

    20mins long sneak peak of a FightinFlex work day.

    Today Mark wants to bully Tony and asks Julie to perform submission moves on him.
    But Tony is not the kind of guy to forget, and will get his revenge later during their next movie shooting... asking Julie to hit Mark for real this time !

    With st...

  • Elyah Unpublished

    Contains 3 Movies

    1 - Action Movie n°1 : Elyah is sent to get sensitive information about a local criminal. She breaks in the property, manages to get what she wants... but is caught by Mark while doing so. He really should have let her go !

    2 - Beatdown Clip : Mark is a tough instructor. But ...